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Displaying 1 - 10 of 15 Articles
A matching roof vent in the midst of brown shingles.
Don't let your roof vent be source of leaks. Seal it with these tips.
02-18-20 by Melissa Austin
cedar roof shingles
It will look better and last longer with regular attention.
07-25-22 by Garry Steck
person shingling roof with nail gun
Get it right the first time for lasting moisture protection.
07-25-22 by Charles Ouellet
A hip roof.
What is a hip roof? It's something you've seen many times.
05-19-20 by
roof shingles
Composite roofing shingles are very durable.
07-25-22 by Connor Doe
worker on roof replacing asphalt shingles
Repair your roofing in six simple steps.
07-25-22 by Perry Carpenter
old shingles coming off roof
Do this the right way to prevent further damage or injury.
07-25-22 by Charles Ouellet
Shingles on a roof.
This handy guide will show you how to do-it-yourself.
03-17-20 by Krystin Fuller
roof shingles
Use these tips to remove those old shingles from your roof.
03-04-20 by Darren Spears
roof shingles
Three tab shingles are the most common type.
07-25-22 by Sage C.