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Displaying 1 - 10 of 18 Articles
Wooden vs. Plastic Window Shutters
Plastic window shutters have a distinct place in the home.
02-18-21 by Rina Magallanes
Stacks of plywood
In a hurricane prone area, window shutters are essential.
07-25-22 by Rowan None
Accordion hurricane shutters are used as a way to protect your home from damage. If there are any openings
07-25-22 by Andrew T.
They make a great stylish, affordable choice.
04-29-21 by Esther Steinfeld
Shutters on a home.
Board and batten exterior shutters are very popular.
07-25-22 by Alexander Naz
Plantation shutters are window blinds made up of slats of wood.
07-18-22 by Vishal Ingole
You will have to paint solid wooden shutters once every few years to keep them in good condition.
07-20-22 by Lewis Doe
Homeowners often need to remove vinyl shutters for repairing or painting the shutters.
07-21-22 by Anubhav Kapoor
There are several reasons that could lead you to install a new PVC shower drain.
03-29-22 by Bipasha Bhatia
teal window frame and board and batten shutters
Decorative shutters set a tone and a style.
07-25-22 by Nida Rasheed