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Displaying 1 - 10 of 32 Articles
10 Smart Sprinkler Controllers That Save Water and Money
Make the most out of every drop.
06-13-22 by
4 Common Sprinkler Valve Problems
The sprinkler valve in your lawn sprinkler system will generally work very well.
05-26-22 by
4 Types of Sprinkler Heads Explained
When installing a sprinkler system, it is important to use the right type of sprinkler heads.
10-10-22 by
5 Benefits of a Installing a Sprinkler Rain Sensor
When it rains, it doesn't sprinkler.
03-08-23 by
5 Different Types of Sprinkler Valves Explained
A sprinkler system makes use of different types of sprinkler valves to function properly.
06-03-22 by
5 Types of Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads
Choose the right kind of pop up sprinkler heads to most effectively water your yard and gardens.
06-14-22 by
Build Your Own Sprinkler Manifold
The manifold valve is used to distribute water.
06-09-22 by
Cleaning a Garden Hose Nozzle
Get your watering game on with a declogged nozzle.
04-28-22 by
Cleaning Sprinkler Heads
Keep your head clean, the sprinkler head that is.
05-05-23 by
How Does a Sprinkler Control Valve Work?
The sprinkler control valve is your automatic sprinkler system's most important element.
06-15-22 by