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Displaying 1 - 10 of 45 Articles
5 Tips To Protect Area Rugs Against Stains
Use area rugs to define space and protect floors.
02-06-20 by
5 Ways to Remove Water Spots from Wood
You can remove water spots with simple household supplies.
03-10-20 by
6 Reasons To Stain Exterior Wood Stairs
There are many kinds of treatments for exterior wood stairs.
01-28-20 by
7 Staining Dark Furniture Tips and Techniques
Make all your furniture pieces match in color—mostly.
04-04-22 by
Answering Furniture Staining and Finishing Questions #2
Your furniture staining and finishing questions answered.
08-31-22 by
Bookshelf Staining
Matching your bookshelf to your existing furniture is as simple as sanding, priming, and staining.
08-16-22 by
Choosing a Deck Stain or Sealer
Choosing a deck stain or sealer is an important step when finishing your deck.
02-03-20 by
Differences of Satin and Semi-gloss Polyurethane Finishes
Choose the right finish to achieve the look you want.
05-19-20 by
Exterior Semi-Transparent Stains: Latex or Oil
No matter what anyone tells you, wood will not "drink up" the oils in a stain and restore wood.
08-31-22 by
Exterior Solid Color Stains: Latex or Oil
What you need to know about solid color exterior stains.
07-22-22 by