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Displaying 11 - 20 of 48 Articles
Build A Natural Stone Fireplace For Your Home
Natural stone fireplaces are striking and attractive. These long-lasting structures will upgrade the comfort and face value of any home.
02-05-20 by
Building Stone Walls for Your Yard
Building stone walls in your garden.
08-04-21 by
Construct a Stone Wall
Build this most basic barrier in 7 steps.
10-31-22 by
Cutting and Shaping Natural Stone Tiles
Natural stone tiles make a great finish to a backsplash.
03-19-20 by
DIY Stacked Stone Cladding
It's a perfect accent on retaining walls and pillars.
01-19-23 by
How to Build a Stone Barbecue
A stone barbecue can be an ideal tool for cooking in your yard or outdoor area.
02-20-20 by
How to Build Landscaping Stone Steps
Landscaping stone steps will add drama.
10-18-22 by
How to Chisel Limestone Blocks
Limestone blocks are used to construct a variety of things including retaining walls, patios, and stone sculptures,
02-05-20 by
How to Clean a Stone Fireplace Hearth
Powerful agents like TSP can help with tough stains.
11-19-21 by
How to Clean Natural Stone Shower Walls
Clean and natural starts with your shower walls.
04-28-20 by