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Displaying 1 - 10 of 152 Articles
10 Alternative Lawn Styles
Save money, water, and the planet by switching from grass.
04-19-21 by
10 Green Materials that are Way Better than Concrete
They're cheaper, and they're better for the planet.
04-14-20 by
10 Steps to Start Urban Homesteading
You don't have to live in a rural area to homestead. Here are 10 ways to get more self-sufficient.
05-11-20 by
10 Things to Do Before You Turn the Heat on in Your Home
Get your home cozy without adding any unnecessary expense.
11-02-20 by
10 Tips for a Year of Greener Living
Feel like trying to go green this year but are afraid of too much change and high costs? Here are 10 tips to "greenify" your home in 2016.
11-21-16 by
11 Home Improvement Trends That Will Shine in 2022
The New Year is here which means exciting new home improvement trends! Is your workshop ready?
10-18-21 by
11 Trees That Require Little Water
They'll thrive even in arid areas.
05-09-22 by
12 Ways to Reduce Your Household Waste
Cut down on single-use items.
03-22-23 by
3 Biggest Urban Homesteading Myths Debunked
Thanks to these truths revealed about urban homesteading, starting an earth-based lifestyle in a city just got easier.
11-21-16 by
4 DIY Laundry Detergent Recipes
Save the environment and your wallet with these DIY detergents.
05-06-19 by