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Displaying 1 - 10 of 11 Articles
3-Speed, 4-Wire Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring
Fans increase HVAC efficiency.
10-26-22 by
6 Steps to Installing a Toggle Switch
There are many advantages to installing a toggle switch.
09-26-22 by
Changing Ceiling Fan Light Switch
These practical fixtures improve energy conservation.
08-22-22 by
How to Extend an Existing Ceiling Fan Pull
Adjust your pull chain to a more accessible length.
11-15-22 by
How to Install a Dimmer Switch
Installing a dimmer switch is a little more involved than simply swapping out a few wires.
06-26-23 by
How to Install a Garage Door Keypad Opener
A garage door opener keypad will allow you to use your garage door without having a key.
01-24-23 by
How to Install an Extractor Fan Timer
Make your extraction automatic with a timer.
04-13-22 by
How to Replace a Garbage Disposal Air Switch
Get that disposal back to work grinding.
02-25-22 by
Light Switch Installation: How to Install a Neutral Wire
Planning a light switch installation is not typically challenging, even for the novice.
09-26-22 by
Manual Transfer Switch Wiring Explained
Kick up the back-up generator with a transfer switch.
09-21-22 by