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Displaying 1 - 10 of 32 Articles
A front door open to a white entryway.
Who couldn't use some more time on their side when rushing out the door in the morning?
11-19-20 by Perry Carpenter
Adding a sprinkler timer to an existing sprinkler system is an easy process.
06-14-22 by Justin Stewart
A hose reel is used to coil and wind a particular type of hose in order to conveniently store it.
06-28-22 by Justin Stewart
morning multitasking
Is your morning a mess of lost bags and disappearing keys? These five life hacks will get you running on time and ready for the day.
05-11-20 by Kelsey Marland
A clock with hand tools around it.
It’s no secret that some projects take longer than others.
02-27-20 by Perry Carpenter
A piece of rotting wood painted white.
Tackle these projects before worse comes to worst.
05-11-20 by Ruth LovettSmith
A man using a pipe wrench underneath a sink.
Plumbing issues are hard enough, but they are even tougher when you do not have the right tools.
07-25-22 by Perry Carpenter
A man painting a room on a ladder with a roller.
From a quick-cleaning product to a using wide rollers, here's how to get that paint job done and dusted.
07-25-22 by Perry Carpenter
clothes folded on a white floor
The more things you get done the night before, the better.
07-25-22 by Debbie Sklar
colorful files in drawer
Upgrade your whole life with one week of organizing.
07-25-22 by Maddison Dayton