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Displaying 51 - 60 of 115 Articles
Exterior Paint Problems and Failures
Know what problems you might run into with exterior painting so you don't make the same mistakes.
08-31-22 by
Faux Painting Techniques Using Washes and Glazes
Choosing Washes and Glazes Dual Techniques Color washing.
08-25-22 by
Fiberglass Insulation in the Attic 1 - Preparation
Ready to install insulation? Not unless you do this first.
05-19-21 by
Finding a Non-Toxic Material for Your Shower Curtain
Advice on choosing a non-toxic shower curtain.
08-23-21 by
Flex Your Green Thumb with These 7 Garden-centric Projects
It's not hard to have a beautiful and sustainable yard! Give one of these easy DIYs a try!
11-01-22 by
How Do You Turn On a Jacuzzi That Has No Button?
The controls might have a different form.
03-23-22 by
How Long Does Low-E Window Film Stay Effective?
Low-emittance or Low-E window film is very durable.
05-06-21 by
How to Attach Drywall to Masonry Walls
There are some homes that have masonry walls inside of the house.
09-14-20 by
How to Clean and Maintain a Tile Patio Table
A tile patio table is easy to clean. Here's how.
05-25-22 by
How to Clean Power Outlets and Light Switches For Fire Safety
This easy measure makes your home a safer place.
09-25-19 by