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Displaying 11 - 20 of 334 Articles
An electric drill in a blue container.
Not all projects need a high powered drill.
08-08-19 by DoItYourself Staff
a drill with a bit
Get the power and convenience you need with the right drill for the job.
08-08-19 by Connor Doe
Right angle drill with screwdriver bit
The right tool for the job is in the angle.
08-18-21 by Chris Nickson
bench grinder
It may look intimidating, but a surface grinder is basic.
06-22-20 by Justin Stewart
A man uses a sander.
You need to add sandpaper to your sander for more effective sanding.
08-08-19 by Justin Stewart
man using a sander to sand the edge of a board
A sander is a fairly basic tool, but it still requires maintenance and some troubleshooting when parts wear out.
08-08-19 by Justin Stewart
Man using a wood planer in a shop
Match the power and style of the tool to the task at hand.
05-19-20 by Abbey Kahn
Sandpaper pads for an orbital sander.
There's more than one kind of sandpaper.
05-28-21 by Chris Nickson
A man uses a sander.
A sanding pad is a key attachment to a sanding machine.
11-12-19 by Felicia Leng
Carpenter tools.
A carpenter tool bag needs to handle wear and tear.
04-03-20 by Justin Stewart