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Displaying 11 - 20 of 50 Articles
Creating Wainscoting with Wallpaper and Trim
Skip the expensive wood and replace it with wallpaper.
11-23-22 by
Cut A Coped Joint In Wood Trim
A coped joint makes a tighter fit on the ends of wood trim.
09-01-21 by
Deadheading a Dahlia
Deadheading is removing the petals and seeds of a flower.
07-11-22 by
DIY Board and Batten Wall
Enhance your space with a classic design.
08-19-22 by
Door Casing: How to Add a Decorative Door Header
Add a decorative touch to your door header.
07-17-21 by
Hints for Pruning a Lobelia
The best time is right in the middle of its blooming season.
07-11-22 by
How to Attach Door Casing Trim
The door casing trim, or door casing molding, is the trim work that is on the doorjamb.
09-07-22 by
How to Deal With Overgrown Shrubs
Deal with overgrown shrubs the right way, and make your landscaping look beautiful.
06-26-23 by
How to Fasten a Trim Board to Concrete
A window without a trim board is a window that has no character.
01-30-23 by
How to Install a Fireplace Trim
Fireplace trim can ramp up your decor.
03-29-22 by