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Displaying 41 - 50 of 57 Articles
Install a Heat Pump Water Heater to Save Cash
Heat pump water heaters can save you more than 50 percent off your bill a year.
03-30-22 by
Install a Keyless Drill Chuck
Update an old, but reliable, tool in four easy steps.
12-14-22 by
Install a Marble Hearth and Wood Fireplace Surround Part 1
A luxury marble hearth you can make yourself. Your wood burning fireplace can be elegant and affordable.
03-29-22 by
Installing Table Hardware For A Table Leaf
If your dining room table just isn’t big enough to fit your family, add a new leaf.
01-02-23 by
Is It Time to Make Your House a Smart House?
It's almost unavoidable to have smart systems in your home.
12-06-21 by
Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets:  DIY Ways to Improve the Look of Your Cabinets and Be Green About it Too
Okay, you’ve decided that you want to update your cabinets.
07-28-21 by
Kitchen Design on a Budget
Brighten up your central living space.
10-27-21 by
LED Basics: From Humble Beginnings to Present Applications
And just what is a lumen anyway?
12-09-21 by
Make Your Apartment Feel Like a Home (Without Getting the Landlord Angry)
Upgrade your rental space in a way the owner will love.
11-22-22 by
Prepping Frequently Forgotten Spaces for Winter
Think you've successfully winterized your home? Think again.
05-13-21 by