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Chickens roosting in a chicken coop
10-01-20 by KC Morgan
A bowl full of different types of lettuce
10-04-20 by Emily Gleeson
growing strawberries in hanging baskets
05-25-21 by Joanne Dufault
A grouping of yard tools hanging up on the outside of a shed.
10-23-17 by Perry Miller
A stream of blue water.
06-06-18 by Sara LeDuc
A harvest of organic vegetables from a home garden.
04-03-15 by Rachel Klein
A close-up of an herb garden.
03-30-16 by James Jones
A grouping of homemade cleaning products including an essential oil bottle and a lemon.
03-13-18 by Sara LeDuc
A series of compost bins in a grassy yard.
06-30-16 by Ruth LovettSmith
An assortment of lemons on a wood surface.
03-09-17 by Perry Miller