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Displaying 41 - 50 of 76 Articles
A collection of supplies for canning, including tongs and jar lids.
Canning your extra garden harvest takes a bit of prep work, but it's well worth it!
01-03-20 by Dawn Hammon
Food scraps for composting, vegetable peelings and egg shell.
Organize your kitchen scraps by compost and non-compost.
07-25-22 by Rachel Klein
A backyard with the beginnings of a planter bed being formed.
Create a curated pen for your flowers and vegetables.
07-25-22 by Ruth LovettSmith
An assortment of lemons on a wood surface.
When life gives you lemons, clean your home!
07-25-22 by Perry Carpenter
A woman dumping food scraps into a small bucket.
Give back to the earth without going outside.
07-25-22 by Ashley Childs
A set of solar panels on a red tile roof with a sun shining over it.
If you're not using a home battery, you're losing energy.
07-25-22 by Angela Sabrowsky
A fireplace with a small fire inside.
Get the most out of your cozy fire by using the best wood for the job.
07-25-22 by Sandra Karnes
An trailer and a truck in front of a house under construction.
You're basically wasting water by not doing this.
07-25-22 by Christopher Lawrence
A freezer with food and thermometer.
Streamline your budget by knowing which items freeze well.
07-25-22 by James Jones
dad and children looking at growing tomatoes in vegetable garden
Build up your skills before you consider going off-grid.
07-25-22 by Rowena Mangohig