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A handmade log and twig fence in the garden.
02-23-15 by Susan Patterson
grains on a table
11-21-16 by Nicole Nemeth
backyard kitchen vegetable garden
11-03-17 by Leah Champion
A rain barrel against a barn.
08-31-17 by Sara LeDuc
Some yard tools against a white fence with leaves.
04-03-17 by Perry Miller
Spreading organic fertilizer in the garden.
04-09-15 by Rachel Klein
A row of potted herbs in front of a window.
08-02-17 by Sara LeDuc
A raised bed garden.
02-23-15 by Laurie Bloomfield
A raised bed garden box with carrot plants.
03-06-15 by Susan Patterson
A succulent and cactus garden made from a shipping pallet.
03-30-15 by Perry Carpenter