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Displaying 1 - 10 of 12 Articles
4 Things in Your Crawlspace That  Attract Bugs
DIY ways to keep bugs out of your crawlspace and home.
03-24-21 by
How Long Does Low-E Window Film Stay Effective?
Low-emittance or Low-E window film is very durable.
05-06-21 by
How to Eliminate Moisture Behind Your Basement Vapor Barrier
Eliminate moisture behind your basement vapor barrier.
10-14-20 by
How to Install a Plastic Vapor Barrier in Your Crawl Space
Reduce hazards like mold and water damage.
02-03-23 by
How to Install a Shower Wall Vapor Barrier
Follow these steps to install a shower wall vapor barrier.
10-31-20 by
How to Insulate a Carport Roof
A carport, like attics need to be properly insulated.
03-18-20 by
How to Lay Floating Tongue and Groove Flooring
They're easy to install with the right technique.
12-30-22 by
Installing A Vapor Barrier
House wrap is a material vapor barrier that is used to cover the exterior of a house before the siding is put on.
02-21-20 by
Quick Information on Installing Vapor Barriers in Steel Walls
Read this quick advice on installing vapor barriers in steel walls.
09-14-22 by
The Benefits and Cost of a Floor Vapor Barrier for Hardwood Floors
You need a floor vapor barrier to defend against moisture.
10-20-21 by