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backyard garden boxes
09-23-20 by Sara LeDuc
A ripe cucumber on the vine.
07-27-20 by Hannah Madans
A woman's hands transplanting beetroot.
01-07-20 by GABRIEL SALTER
hand planting a sprouting potato
10-30-19 by Caleb R. Mayo
a pretty vegetable garden with a slat fence
08-26-19 by Dawn Hammon
harvested radishes on a wooden table
04-02-20 by DoItYourself Staff
fresh pickles with dill
10-12-20 by Dawn Hammon
too many zucchini
10-14-20 by Maddison Dayton
08-29-20 by Nicole Nemeth
freshly harvested organic garlic
09-01-20 by Sara LeDuc