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Displaying 1 - 10 of 677 Articles
6 Symptoms of an Ignition Coil Failure
Advice on troubleshooting an ignition coil failure
10-07-19 by Matthew Kolas
key inside car ignition slot
A failing ignition module is the equivalent of your car's computer crashing.
05-26-21 by Robert Miller
Chrome car exhaust pipes.
You need to straighten the damage at once.
01-22-20 by Vida Llevares
An exhaust pipe on a car.
You will have to cut out the rusted pipe.
12-13-19 by Stephen Phillips
a exhaust pipe
Your exhaust system may need a bit of fine tuning.
02-12-20 by Tonie Batson
A sign that says "engine coolant only."
A leaking gasket can mean you end up with oil in the coolant system of your vehicle.
11-01-19 by Chris Nickson
coolant system in the car engine
Backflushing is used to completely remove any coolant that remains after the radiator is drained.
12-10-19 by Mindy Hunter
two radiator fans
Install a radiator fan to prevent your vehicle overheating.
02-05-20 by Scott Vanderlin
A car radiator fan.
Radiator problems can cause expensive damage.
07-09-21 by Chris Nickson
a person in a red go kart
Here's how to free up a frozen torque converter.
01-28-20 by Christina Cantres