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Displaying 41 - 50 of 660 Articles
A front brake hose isolated on a white background.
A brake hose leak needs to be addressed immediately.
11-27-19 by Caleb R. Mayo
Car brakes.
Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car and brake line replacement is essential
01-23-20 by Hannah Madans
a brake hose
A problem with the front brake hose can be very dangerous.
03-11-20 by Chris Nickson
You can adjust the clutch pedal by taking it to a professional, or you can easily do it yourself with one of these two methods.
11-01-19 by H R Helm
mechanic holding wrench in front of a car
Change the point at which your hydraulic clutch engages with just a wrench and two simple steps.
11-01-19 by H R Helm
a person working on a car
In your vehicle a leaking filler tube can cause fluid loss.
02-18-20 by Carol S.
Transmission fluid being poured into an automobile.
Find out how to source transmission leaks in your car.
11-01-19 by H R Helm
fuel filter
Gasoline isn't enough. Make sure the fuel that makes it to your engine is clean enough to actually power your car.
11-01-19 by H R Helm
a white car against a green background full of trees
Fuel line replacement may be necessary for your car.
03-13-20 by Charles Owen-Jackson
Cap to oil reservoir in a car engine
When your car is using excessive amounts of oil, it could be a minor leak or an indication of a major problem.
12-11-19 by H R Helm