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A junk-filled attic.
10-22-20 by Connor Doe
A white gable vent on a brick house.
02-24-20 by Charles Gatebi
A from-under view of a soffit, gutter, and drain pipe on the corner of a house.
03-02-20 by Tim Bossie
A turbine vent on a flat, back roof.
03-19-20 by Andrew Cowell
A vent on the white gable of a private home.
12-01-20 by Carol S.
10-05-20 by Matthew Kolas
Looking up at the eaves of a brown house.
10-14-20 by Piyush Jain
A gable vent and three windows on a stucco house.
11-15-20 by Elad Shem-Tov
A man caulking a ridge vent.
02-14-21 by Lori Boyd
Extreme close-up of a spinning, blue fan.
10-19-20 by Laura Apel