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Displaying 11 - 20 of 58 Articles
DIY Hot Water Heater Repair
Hot water heater repair may intimidate new DIYers, but it is not that complicated.
04-27-22 by
Do Tankless Water Heaters Save Money?
These efficient devices are increasingly popular.
08-10-21 by
Drawbacks of Using an Aluminum Water Heater Anode Rod
Aluminum anode rods minimize corrosion in a hot water heater.
12-08-21 by
How and When to Flush Your Hot Water Heater
Mineral deposits can build up over time.
10-25-22 by
How Does a Gravity Hot Water Recirculation Loop Work?
This is one time it's good to be in hot water.
06-26-23 by
How Does a Hot Water Recirculating Pump Work?
A hot water recirculating pump works through a combination of mechanical energy and gravity. I
01-26-22 by
How Long Should I Hold the Pilot Light Button Down for?
The gas fumes must first be cleared.
05-25-22 by
How to Clean a Water Heater
Cleaning a water heater is easy with the proper method.
03-23-23 by
How to Descale a Water Heater
Knowing how to descale a water heater can keep this appliance working at its best for a long time.
12-20-21 by
How to Drain Your Hot Water Tank
A hot water should be drained to minimize mineral build up.
06-26-23 by