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Displaying 1 - 10 of 60 Articles
A close-up of wet grass.
You could be watering your grass all wrong. Follow these tips to keep your lawn looking the best on the block.
10-13-15 by Leigh Ann Combs
A garden pond that uses grey water is a pond that's replenished with used water from household activities.
06-22-22 by Justin Stewart
A dark blue garden hose coiled up
It usually just takes some tape and a new connector.
02-10-20 by Justin Stewart
A drip irrigation line.
Connecting the drip irrigation line in ten steps.
12-17-19 by Niki (Team) Hampton
An irrigation system.
An irrigation system relies on water pressure for efficiency.
08-08-19 by Justin Stewart
a building with a large water cistern on a sunny day
A cistern tank is a structure used to collect water.
11-06-19 by Sage C.
A low-water landscape with lavender and other drought-tolerant plants.
Here are a few ways to reduce your yard's water consumption.
05-23-22 by KC Morgan
lifting the lid of a water softener with a wrench in one hand
Quickly troubleshoot the problem.
02-26-20 by Jonathan Muckala
A water meter
Problems with water meter readings and function can stem from a variety of sources.
12-30-21 by Carol S.
9 of the Best Succulents and Cacti for Your Garden
All you need for a succulent garden is well-draining soil, a little bit of water, and whole lot of neglect.
07-14-22 by Angela Sabrowsky