Displaying 71 - 80 of 282 Articles
Displaying 71 - 80 of 282 Articles
How to Apply Silicone Rubber Sealant to Windows
Fix any gaps around the edges of your window and stop the drafts from driving up your energy bills.
12-27-22 by
How to Apply Window Film to a Sliding Door
Window film can be applied to a variety of glass surfaces.
09-01-22 by
How to Build a Bay Window Seat
A bay window seat can be a great addition to your home.
08-11-21 by
How to Build a Center Support for Your Curtain Rod
A very long curtain rod will frequently sag in the middle.
01-05-21 by
How to Build a Curved Bay Window Seat
Turning a bay window space into a cozy seat.
11-18-20 by
How to Build a Custom Pet Window Seat
Build a custom window seat just for your fuzzy friends.
07-03-21 by
How to Build Aluminum Awnings
Aluminum awnings are durable and attractive.
10-02-19 by
How to Choose Windows for Your Enclosed Patio
One of the most popular ways to surround an enclosed patio.
08-07-21 by
How to Choose Window Treatments
We help you decide between 5 different kinds of window treatments.
11-22-22 by
How to Clean Exterior Storm Windows
How to get the exterior of your storm windows cleaned.
02-05-21 by