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An axe stuck in a stump with the words "Firewood FAQ" over it.
12-22-14 by Kimberly Carver
A variety of herbs growing in a wood box.
11-14-17 by Perry Miller
Close on blooming blue cornflowers.
07-07-16 by contentmanager@internetbrands.com contentmanager@internetbrands.com
Someone holding a smart phone with a home icon and a heating scale.
10-23-17 by Perry Miller
A wet hardwood floor.
06-11-19 by Mark Dawson
How to Build Kinaras and Menorahs
11-28-18 by Perry Miller
a wood stove with wood beneath it
01-06-20 by GABRIEL SALTER
A weed eater.
01-08-20 by Carol S.
An old house with icicles and an open window.
12-18-20 by Laurie Bloomfield
heavy ice hanging off of a house
06-29-20 by Jill Moore