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Displaying 1 - 10 of 160 Articles
A speaker.
First, diagnose the problem.
04-09-20 by Noah Dorsey
converting speaker wire
It's easier if you have some soldering skills.
01-06-20 by Connor Doe
Two coax, or coaxial, splitters sit against a white surface.
Overloading and buying the wrong type are two common issues.
04-14-21 by Fiye Ward
A ceiling fan with the wiring shown.
Understanding your wiring color codes is critical.
05-28-21 by Graziella Tanti
Electrical cables.
There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration when doing this project.
02-03-20 by Luke Arthur
severed cable underground
You can fix it in a few steps with the right equipment.
12-06-21 by Jennifer Aube
security camera mounted to the side of the house.
security cameras are more secure when the wires are hidden.
02-11-20 by Chris Nickson
Cables on a black background.
Both types of cable are very popular with DIYers.
08-08-19 by DoItYourself Staff
Exposed copper wires stick out of a cable shielding.
They're not interchangeable.
05-07-21 by Jeff Grundy
Cluster of coaxial cable
Skip the installation cost and DIY your cable instead.
01-08-20 by Garry Steck