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Displaying 1 - 10 of 152 Articles
shiny clean wooden banister railing on wooden stairway from above
Gloss enamel, ideally oil based, is the strongest defense.
01-30-20 by Judy Rawnsley
A thin piece of wooden veneer.
Consider using this method to give the veneer a new finish.
05-11-21 by Piyush Jain
A can of polyurethane finish with an applicator on a wooden table.
Polyurethanes are liquid plastic resins.
10-15-19 by Jenelle Jones
A man adds wood varnish.
Water-based varnishes are used as lacquers and are made up of solvents.
12-31-19 by Kenneth Rivera
Stain on a piece of wood with a brush.
Pick the best finish for your next wood project!
10-29-19 by Mike Aguilar
shiny hardwood floor
The key to a bubble-free application is in the supplies.
07-26-19 by Justin Stewart
staining exterior wood patio
Different types of stain require different drying times.
10-16-19 by Jen S.
A pool deck made from teak wood.
While it may not always need a protective coating, it helps.
01-27-21 by Jackie Carmichael
A man using wood putty.
Wood filler is great for repairing cracks and holes.
09-18-19 by DoItYourself Staff
A man works with wood filler.
Wood fillers fill dents but they must be sanded down properly before painting. This guide will help you learn to do it yourself.
11-01-19 by Lori Boyd