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Displaying 21 - 30 of 148 Articles
Staining wood slats of a bench
Stain is the final step to protect your gorgeous bench.
07-25-22 by Justin Stewart
As usual, starting with a smooth surface is key.
07-25-22 by Justin Stewart
wood table with water stains
An inexpensive but charming way to renovate an old table.
08-13-19 by DoItYourself Staff
Finishing Hardwood Floors 8 - Applying the Protective Finish
Sand between each coat for the best result.
02-26-21 by
It can create a warm, welcoming vibe.
04-07-21 by Kenneth Rivera
Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in the yard in front of a house
Get into the signage game!
07-25-22 by Natan Agius
A deck with treated lumber.
Treated lumber is wood that has been treated with chemicals so that it can be used as a support with heavy objects as well as stand up to the elements. The information contained in this article will share with you several tips on how you can properly seal treated lumber.
07-25-22 by Mike Johnson
A stack of pine lumber planks.
Prepping them first will make for a better result.
07-25-22 by Jeff Grundy
Applying finish to wood
Instead of using harsh chemicals that could pollute the environment and endanger your health, go with a natural wood finish instead.
07-25-22 by Militsa(Team) Danova
A scratched piece of wood.
Get your wood furniture looking like new.
07-25-22 by Perry Carpenter