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Displaying 21 - 30 of 110 Articles
Exterior Clear Finishes
Clear finishes provide an attractive surface for wood.
11-22-22 by
Exterior Wood Stain: How to Stain and Seal Exterior Wood
Properly sealed wood repels moisture and lasts longer.
01-15-20 by
Faux Finishing - Verdigris
It evokes a fantastical, magical vibe.
08-22-22 by
Finishing Hardwood Floors 8 - Applying the Protective Finish
Sand between each coat for the best result.
02-26-21 by
Food Safe Wood Finishing
Keep your kitchen healthy and safe with natural oils.
03-04-20 by
French Door Varnishing Made Easy
As usual, starting with a smooth surface is key.
04-27-21 by
Guide to Polyurethane Finishes
Polyurethanes are liquid plastic resins.
10-15-19 by
Health Risks Associated with Pressure Treated Wood
Pressure-treated wood is no longer a simple issue due to the various chemicals being used. This guide to the hazards associated with long-term exposure is a must-read for all do it yourselfer's and pro's alike.
11-06-19 by
How Do I Remove Flooring Polyurethane From My Hardwood Floors?
You can sand it off or strip it off when it's time to go.
11-15-22 by
How Long Does Exterior Wood Stain Take to Dry?
Different types of stain require different drying times.
10-16-19 by