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Displaying 11 - 20 of 42 Articles
A man works on wood floors.
Wood floors can become ruined or damaged.
08-25-21 by Justin Stewart
The decision to install timber flooring can be a quick and easy one to make, but what next?
10-13-21 by Elizabeth Stewart
Wood thresholds take quite a pounding when you think about it. There they lie across a door way and virtually
02-19-20 by Justin Stewart
A dog lays on hardwood floors.
Oak hardwood floors make a home feel upscale.
05-06-21 by Alexander Naz
A room with wood floors.
Waxed floors tend to look cleaner for longer.
07-25-22 by Chris Obudho
wood floor with scratch in finish
The best approach depends on the depth of the damage.
09-07-22 by Steve Garfield
How to Install Natural Stone Floor Tiles Part 2
Installing natural stone floor tiles is not complicated.
10-19-21 by Luke Arthur
pair of feet and pair of shoes with gauze around one foot.
Acting quickly is your best defense.
03-23-20 by Nathan Reiff
A person blowing a bubble with bubblegum against a blue background.
Don't let someone else's bad habit damage your wood floors.
03-09-20 by Heather Domabyl
Removing Linoleum and Mastic From Wood Flooring
Removing linoleum from wood flooring is labor-intensive.
07-25-22 by Justin Stewart