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Displaying 21 - 30 of 39 Articles
How to Sand a Wood Floor Part 1
If you need to sand a wood floor check this out.
10-19-21 by
How to Take Care of Your Parquet Floor
A parquet floor's a beautiful type of traditional wood flooring.
10-14-20 by
How to Use an Orbital Sander for Sanding Hardwood Floors
Orbital sanders are helpful for sanding hardwood floors.
03-02-20 by
Parquet Flooring and Water Damage
Parquet used to be one of the most popular flooring types.
05-20-21 by
Protecting A Wood Threshold
Wood thresholds take quite a pounding when you think about it. There they lie across a door way and virtually
02-19-20 by
Refinishing Oak Hardwood Floors
Oak hardwood floors make a home feel upscale.
05-06-21 by
Remove a Scratch from Mahogany Wood Flooring
Mahogany wood floors are aesthetic and durable.
05-06-21 by
Remove a Wood Floor Scratch with Ease
The best approach depends on the depth of the damage.
09-07-22 by
Removing Linoleum and Mastic From Wood Flooring
Removing linoleum from wood flooring is labor-intensive.
11-17-20 by
Repairing Water Damaged Wood Floors
Consider the type of flooring and installation technique.
02-01-23 by