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My project was to remodel my existing walk-in closet in my bedroom. I had a custom built closet that was designed in the early 90's that was bulky and couldn't hold all of my clothes, causing everything else to spill out all over my room and left it completely unmanageable. When I decided to redo my closet, I went to with the dimensions of my closet and the features I wanted included in the design; extra room for long hanging garments and a shoe rack that went around on all three walls of the closet. They emailed me a detailed parts list telling me the parts, quantities and what length to cut the wire shelving. I then went to the hardware store bought all the pieces I needed and had the shelves cut there, but I had to cut the closet rods myself with a hacksaw, which cost $4. All of the parts were easy to find because they were in organized bins in the home organization section at the hardware store. All parts were bought for around $200. The first step was to gut my closet, getting rid of the old bulky closet that will not be missed. I used the online ClosetMaid tutorials for instructions on how to build the new closet, which took about six hours to complete. It wasn't too difficult to do, I just had to use a measuring tape and level to mark the spots to drill the holes. The rest followed pretty easily.Then I put everything back in my closet and gave away a few items that I no longer wear. It was great because for the first time I could fit EVERYTHING in my closet and organize according to season and not have to find other storage solutions for bulky items and rarely used items. I bought some ClosetMaid canvas boxes to hold non hanging items like hats and scarves. I love my new closet because it is very efficient and economical and I can now keep organized and actually function in my room. And I did it myself!


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