Drainage Around Barn

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The ground sloped to the barn foundation, thus run off from around the barn, and from the roof saturated the ground next to the barn. In the winter freezing and thawing pushed the foundation wall in. We had that pushed out then I added a french drain on both sides of the barn (dug ditch, plastic sheet liner, 1" gravel, drainage pipe with holes down, more gravel on top of that, sloped down around back of barn to daylight outlet), and regraded (with shovel!) the ground surface next to the barn, creating a swale, so that surface water would stay way from the barn.Here's the longer story in full detail if you are interested with more photos:http://doverprojects.blogspot.com/2008/12/french-drain-design.html--Peter


Level Hacksaw Plastic sheeting PVC Drainage Pipe PVC Drainage Pipe Cap PVC Drainage Pipe Outlet Cover PVC Primer and Cement Sandpaper Drainage Pipe Weed Barrier Miterbox Shovel!

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