Easy Throw Carpets and Wall Hangings


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Directions: Finding carpet remnants at a great cost can be done at home improvement stores and local carpet outlets. Once you find the remnants you want it is very important to make sure that you have straight edges. Using a sharp utility knife (Exacto is what I used) and a ruler cut your edges all the way around. I used cardboard behind the remnant to keep from damaging my work table. One you have all the edges straight on the carpeting it is time to apply the binding. Carpet binding has come a long way. You can now purchase a product from Bond Products called Instabind. This is the easiest way to apply binding to any carpet without having to leave the house. Instabind comes in over 20 colors and a variety of styles. Using a hot glue gun, attach the Instabind along the edges. Let hot glue cool and presto you are finished. I have found some beautiful carpet remnants and made them into both throw carpets and great wall hanging. Carpet remnants with designs such as cars and trucks can be cut and made into great matching throw rugs and wall hangings in the matter of a few minutes. Extra Tips: Carpet remnants can be found at outlet stores at very little cost. Instabind: http://goo.gl/kzCzw


Tape Scissors Carpet remnants Sharp cutting utensil Hot glue gun Rug binding tape instabind

Easy project for a throw carpet or wall hanging to add color to any room.

Picture of carpet remnant cut.

Rug binding tape- Instabind

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