From Weed/grass To Stone


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With the weed/grass good and wet I took a shovel and dug up back yard. After raking and pulling all the weeds we laid down weed cloth. Into a wheel barrel we loading up 4 bags of rock at a time (150 bags total) and spread them onto the backyard. The depth of the River Rock throughout the back yard is approx. 2". With the side of the garage we laid a total of 30 bags of pebble stone and laid stepper stones as same with the main part of the yard.


At Menards bought 150 bags of 'River Rock&#039and 30 bags of 'Pea Pebbles' One roll of weed cloth and 28 3'wooden edging.($548).($50 delivery charge)$80 for Pea PebblesAt Lurvey's we purchased 1000 lb's of 'Sandy Creek&#039Stepper Stone ($225I made two trips delivering the stepper stone myself

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