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Problem: Old farmhouse with no closets. Solution: Build your own! 1. Pick a corner where your closet will be. 2. Purchase and install closet organizer kit to provide shelves and rods. (see picture) 3. Measure location of 'wall' and doors. ("L" shape) 4. Purchase 1x4 pine boards for "L" shape on ceiling. 5. Install boards on ceiling with screws. Be sure to screw into a few studs. 6. Purchase bi-pass door rail kit for doors. Install on door side of "L" shape. 7. Using 1x4's build frame for 'wall'. Dado joint on corners, glued and nailed with 5/8" brads. Cut braces for corners and screw in place. Prime and paint. 8. Measure rail for door opening. Add 5" to measurement to allow for door overlap. Divide total by 4. This will be the width of each door. 9. Measure from rail to floor. Leave a couple inches short of floor. This will be length of door. 10. Build four frames for door to size. Prime and paint. 11. Attach roller brackets (included in bi-pass kit) to doors. 12. Iron painters canvas and attach to back of frames with staple gun. 13. Use eyes and hooks to hang 'wall' panel from 1x4 on ceiling. 14. Hang doors on rail. 15. Install door pulls (included in rail kit). Enjoy!!


Screws Drill Saw Closet organizer kit Bi pass closet door rail kit Painters canvas dropcloth Seventeen 1x4x8 Paint and primer.

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