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just wanted to share my creation.this is e-z flow garden feeder. originally, it is designed to be installed into any garden hose, to feed directly through it. it is a 1.3 gal tank with siphon feeder attached to hose coupling and 3 feeding settings.1. you can deliver any liquid agents through it, fertilizer, insect control, weed killer, etc.2. as it sucks water in and then delivers mixture into the water flow, you can add mixable soluble agents, like miracle grow, and it slowly delivers solution through the flow.i had one of those fertile earth things, installed into my irrigation, but delivery was minuscule, nicely said. very tiny doses. so, i used e-z flow very successfully, via a garden hose, for anything from miracle grow, fish fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, moss killer, weed killer, and now insects killer is going in next.basically, i managed to preserve my lawn with it. through all the heat and lack of rain for several mths.some explanations.1. why 3 shut off valves? 2 blue ones are obvious, so that i can take the coupling out. yes, i can. takes a bit of wiggling, but pipe has enough give to let me do this.2. the red shut off valve in the center line is, actually, there for a curious purpose. siphon feeder works off suction(white line) created by high water pressure. siphon hose attachment has a harrowing inside, right past the black "water in" tube; consecutively, water stream velocity after that narrowing is quite high, and it creates suction for the white, "solution out" tube. Ventury principle.what i found was that there was very little water pressure in that bypass that i had installed. resulting in slow suction. so, i cut red valve in, and, as you can tell, it is partially blocking main water flow, forcing it into the bypass.i turn red valve to off completely, when i need to flush the siphon. some ingredients do not mix, like moss killer and weed killer, they turn into a jelly like substance and will plug the system.3. why tank is wrapped into ducktape? well it's made out of capron or smilar plastic. they say to turn water flow off to avoid tank rupture, and for this application, as my irrigation is set to start at 4:30 am, i am not running there at 4:25 to turn pressure on.tank does expend if water pressure is left on. so, i removed tank, - it shrinks back to the original size a little - and wrapped it into ducktape all over. just re-enforcement. appears to hold well, btw.how do i know it's time to refill? when fluid inside is clear. before i had tank arapped in ducktape, i could judge from the fluid color.total time, besides driving to and from the store, is about 30 minutes.


One e-z flow inline garden feeder $65 PVC piping Elbows Adapters As needed per specific set up 3 ball shut off valves

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