Scotts Speedygreen 1000 law spreader spring repair


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The plastic spring (pic) wore out on Scott's Speedygreen 1000 lawn spreader. This meant that the lower hopper door which regulates dispensed product would not close completely. This resulted in unwanted dispensed product, and, inaccurate spreader settings. The culprit, a worn plastic leaf spring underneath the hopper, was pryed off the hopper door using a flat blade screwdriver. A small bungee cord was attached between hopper door and hopper lip (thru small drilled hole). Works great.


Flat blade screwdriver Small bungee cord Needle nose pliers

Removed factory spring from Scott's Speedygreen 1000 lawn spreader. Removal provides more room for bungee installation below.

Bungee attachment between upper hopper lip and lower hopper door.

Lower bungee attachment to hopper door.

Lower bungee attach #2. Bungee hook may need in place crimping to avoid interfering with rotary fins.

Upper bungee attachment to hopper thru small drilled hole

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