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One of the things we did in remodeling our bedroom was throwing out the old wardrobe and build a new one in unconventional way. The basic idea was a set of pull-down wardrobe lifts and a chest behind sliding doors. The simple solution was to make a framework with two frames dividing the space in three slots. The frames were made out of 2x3 inch wood and designed to provide support to the two pull-down wardrobe lifts (see sketches). The frames were assembled using screws and glue and painted with one coat of primer. All seams and screws heads were then coated with spackling or acryl and the whole frames coated with two layers of white semi-glossy paint. The new laminate floor was laid before attaching the two frames to the floor (studs to the concrete beneath the laminate), the wall and the ceiling (attachment to the roof framework above ceiling plates). The solution to the sliding doors was to use a brilliantly designed railing system and curtains provided by Ikea (Kvartal system).


Paint Screws Primer 2x3 inch wood Wardrobe lifts 6drawer chest Triple curtain rail Curtains Top and bottom rail Concrete studs

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