Walkway to a $0 budget sitting room

6 tools

I wanted the end result to be low maintenance, but also aesthetic and useful. My initial plan was to have two chairs but as soon I moved them I knew I wanted my umbrella table there too. I placed another pallet and lined the edges with bricks to keep the sand in the walkway; I excavated the soil first, then using the sand in combination with rocks and broken bricks I raised the walkway level to that of the pallets. This also allowed the straight angles of the pallets to blend into the curve of the walkway. The white horizontal bricks transcend a slight slope in the walkway. Some may give this a hillbilly rating, but considering my budget, I'm pleased. And this was also as much about using things that were just laying around with no purpose.


Level Bricks Sand Pallets Gardening tools Rocks

I had to move a flower bed away from the foundation of my home because watering was making my basement damp and musty. I dug and transplanted them, loosened and leveled the soil and laid down pallets directly on the soil. I added sand for a walkway.

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