Wire A Car Audio Amp For An Insane Home Audio Setup!


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This Is An Over Kill Insane Setup. I decided to wire up a BOSS AUDIO PV3700 Phantom 5Ch Car Audio Amp to Power 14 out of 28 speakers for my PC Gaming Man Cave! I used an old Titan 1000W power supply I had collecting dust to power the amp. The amp has 2 40A fuses and puts out a max of 960W. This system gets ridiculously loud but sounds very clean with low distortion. I originally had a few speakers hooked up to my Logitech Z-5500 5.1 surround sound but after adding in more speakers, it was lacking the power to drive them cleanly. So I decided to get a powerful 5 Ch car amp to power 14 speakers. I have 6 woofers: one 10", one 6.5" mid, two 8" mid, and two 15"s. It was fairly simple to do, but required quite some patience and innovation to finish. I hope you enjoy!


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BOSS AUDIO PV3700 Phantom 5 Ch Car Amp Powered by an Titan 1000W 80Plus Bronze Computer Power Supply.

BOSS AUDIO PV3700 Phantom 5 Ch Car Amp With four 4 Ohm 100W Resistors (Green) for each Amp Channel 1-4.

Bottom Left Combined Speakers With Silver Paint. Top: Logitech 3" Satellite. Mid: Cadence 6x9. Bottom: B-20 Bookshelf. Side: Pyle 8" Woofer. The same speakers are used for the Bottom Right side and are Powered by the BOSS Amp.

Top Right Combined Speakers. Top: Logitech 3" Satellite. Mid: Kicker CS 3-Way 6x9. Bottom: B-20 Bookshelf. The same speakers are used for the Top Left side and are Powered by the BOSS Amp.

Center Channel Speakers: Top: 3 Sony Satellites with 2 Tweeters. Below- Top: Cadence 6x9. Mid: Sony 6.5" woofer. Bottom: 10" Kicker in Logitech Z-5500 Box. All center speakers are powered by Z-5500.

Back Speakers: Top: 2 Sony Satellites. Mid: 2 Kicker CS 5.25"s. Bottom: 2 Kicker 15"s in a Ported Box.

All Speakers and Computer System with Acoustic Sound Panels along with White and Orange LED back Lighting.

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